What We Did
Brand Identity
Web Design
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UI/UX Design


Pianu was created to be an app that encompasses a multitude of different approaches to piano lessons. Pianu is an educational music App that uses a gamification strategy and design to teach customers how to play and love the piano. Level ups, challenges, goals, and badges are just some of the opportunities the audience has in earning during their lessons that are fun and educational!

The Brief

We created a logo, brand identity, and brand guideline for Pianu, and we took that and used it to create a web design and development for them. Some core values we took into consideration as we designed the website were concepts such as easy to navigate, easily readable, and an engaging web design. We wanted their website to reflect their brand values of making piano lessons to be fun, engaging, and rewarding.


Style Guide

We created the base of the UI design by creating style guides about elements of the design to be consistent throughout the website. These include typography for headers, and body copy, as well as interactive components such as buttons and switches. The style guide was created to reference as we developed as well as for future use for Pianu.

Traditional Tagline

Homepage Design

The web design is an extension of Pianu’s brand identity, therefore the website should appear cohesive visually, and emotionally. We used the Pianu colour palette, as well as design elements throughout the website. We kept the design simple and minimal, with just enough elements on the page to appear fun and approachable.


Webpage Design

Aside from the main homepage, we extended the details onto the remaining navigational pages as well to create a cohesive and balanced design. The website is inviting, modern, and designed to engage the audience to want to learn piano!


Pianu (Part One)