Logo Design

A checkmark. Three stripes. The golden arches. We’re willing to bet you already know exactly which brands we’re talking about without having to hear the name or see the actual logo. A creative and well constructed logo can do more for your brand and business than you know.

Whether you’re looking to create a brand new logo or revamp your existing one, our team of creative and imaginative designers are ready to work with you to create the best logo for your brand possible. Your likes, your dislikes, and the type of tone and vibe you’re going for are just some of the things we consider when designing your logo, resulting in something that showcases what your brand is about, is easily recognizable, and of course, looks amazing.

Once we have a logo design created, we’ll also walk you through the dos and don’ts of how to properly use your logo for maximum effect.

Who would you want to paint your portrait: Leonardo Da Vinci or a two-year-old who isn’t even your own kid? A logo is the face of the company - it tells a story about who you are and what you stand for to potential customers. We’ll help you design a logo as timeless as the Mona Lisa that gives your brand the recognition it deserves.

Paint me like one of your French girls, Leo!

Juci Botanicals Logo Design

Juci Botanicals Logo Design


Packaging Design

They say to never judge a book by its cover, but we know we’re all guilty of it sometimes, right? If you’re debating between two products with the same benefits and effectiveness at around the same price point, another deciding factor will eventually be how the product is packaged. We won’t blame you for choosing the product that simply looks cooler because at The Branded, we can help make sure your product is the one that gets chosen.

We’re excited to create mock-ups of various packaging design options for you to fall in love with and select from. Using the appropriate combination of your brand colors, typography, logo, and brand voice, our talented designers and copywriters will work together to create the perfect packaging that encapsulates what your product or service is about and that will stand out online and on the shelves.

Packaging design is like plastic surgery - done well and it’ll draw people in to you, but get it just a few millimeters wrong and no-one including grandma will buy it (and grandma buys everything). We put science into our designs by making sure that they’re eye-catching, functional, and strong enough to influence a potential customer’s purchase decision in just one glance.

Give me packaging that packs a punch.

Herb Street Packaging Design

Herb Street Packaging Design


Brand Creative

Our creative team loves hearing your story and discovering creative ways to convey it to others. We demonstrate our passion for this when we are tasked with developing a creative strategy for you and your brand. We’ll work together with you to figure out the best way to tell your story so that it is exciting, impactful, and effective. This strategy will outline how we convey your story through visual elements as well as your brand identity.


Creative Direction

Our experienced team at The Branded are here to help you with the creative direction of your brand. What is creative direction, anyway? That's all of it. Almost everything we’ve mentioned above. From logos and icons, to color and typography, creative direction is everything that has to do with the look and feel of your brand. It’s a combination of art and design with strategic implementation. Whether through your website, your social media channels, or ad campaigns, we can help oversee, plan, and execute strategies based on your creative direction.


Campaign Brand Identity

You’ve already got a brand identity, why do you need one for a campaign? While your brand identity is going to be present in any campaign that you run and encompass everything that you do, it is possible to have a different brand identity for a specific campaign. Think of it this way - if you’re taking a specific stance or embodying a certain attitude in the campaign you’re about to launch, it can be useful to develop a separate campaign brand identity to ensure that the message you’re delivering is strong, effective, and consistent across all platforms.


Creating Creative Assets for Campaigns

Creative assets are visual elements that help convey a message and promote your brand. These include things such as images, audio files, documents, videos, thumbnails, gifs, and other digital media. Creative assets are useful in enhancing your campaign and improving your message or storytelling. At The Branded, we can help create and manage these for you and ensure that they are aligned with your brand identity as well as your specific campaign.


An Extension of Your In-House Team

Our team is your team. We work for you. Think of us as an extension of your own in-house team. The Branded is a full-service agency, but not everyone will always need all of our expertise and experience and that’s totally fine. Whatever your specific campaign needs are, we can help. If you’ve already got certain aspects of your campaign covered by your own team, great! We’re here to help fill in the gaps.


Brand Asset Creation

Our innovative design team is highly experienced with brand asset creation. Whether you need them designed from scratch, or just need us to revamp your existing ones, we can handle all aspects of creating amazing brand assets for your company. We can create your brand logos, symbols, and more, and will provide numerous variations and options for you to choose from. We design your brand assets by taking your likes and dislikes into consideration and ensuring that they accurately reflect your brand identity and are unique and unforgettable.

RealPekka Photography Guidelines

RealPekka Photography Guidelines


Product Photography

We’ve got creatives on our team that can help you with your product photography. We’ll share tips and tricks on how to take the most effective and impactful photos to best showcase your products and can even create mock-ups for you to reference or use. We’ll help you achieve professional, beautiful product photographs that will have your customers believing they can touch your product through the screen.


Photography Guidelines

Excellent, striking, and professional photography is important. There are few things that scream unprofessionalism as loudly as having a pixelated or distorted photo. Don’t know much about photography? Don’t worry, we can help with that too. As part of your brand bible, we’ll go over general and specific photography guidelines so that you know exactly what to do and what not to do when it comes to photos for your brand. Contrast, framing, photo composition, colors, and textures, are all things we’ll go over to help you take some badass photos.


Industrial Design

Much like Disney, we make your dreams come true! (Except we won’t ruin your childhood by killing off Mufasa) That’s what industrial design is all about - turning your ideas into reality. Whether you want to create a pencil-cum-desk-vacuum or an office chair that floats in water, we’ll help you take it from concept renderings to 3D modelling and mockups to assess its fit for the market.

Make my dreams come true.


Video Production

We may not be Quentin Tarantino, but our team of art-directors and storytellers are still here to kick some serious butt ...when it comes to producing upworthy content. From educational videos to ads and social media, we produce videos designed to get your target audience to fall in love with your brand and take a desired action (like, buying more stuff).

I’m ready to reel ‘em in.