Sneakertopia (Part Two)

Photo by Sneakertopia

Photo by Sneakertopia

What We Did
Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Brand Bible and Guidelines


With plans to expand the exhibition globally, Sneakertopia needed a solid brand identity as well as a brand guideline to relay the brand values, exhibition layout, and regulations to their international partners.

The Brief

Aside from the brand identity, the brand guideline also required a detailed explanation and layout design for the museum and exhibition. The brand identity and brand guidelines have been reviewed and discussed in part one of the case study. For part two, we were asked to include an Art Exhibition Guideline within the brand guideline. Using a similar template and layout design of the brand guideline, the exhibition guideline was designed for simplicity, clarity, and readability.

72ppiArtboard 2 copy 11.jpg

The Workshop 3d Rendering

We provided a floor plan and realistic 3D rendering of their new workshop, we incorporated new trends like NFT's into part of the store concept. The space was designed based on their merchandise as well as their new brand identity. Merchandise and props can be switched out for either featured artists or seasonal elements.

Website design mockup

Art Exhibition Guidelines

The Exhibition Guideline kept the same design and aesthetic of the brand guideline with more focus on photographs. The beginning of the guideline starts with a summary and introduction to the museum through written explanation and a newly designed exhibition layout map and floor plan.

72ppiArtboard 20.jpg

Each section of the museum is separated into chapters, with a full page spread containing a wide shot of the featured area of the exhibition.

72ppiArtboard 20 copy.jpg
72ppiArtboard 20 copy 2.jpg

Each section has about 3–4 spreads of large photos that showcase and feature the elements of each respective area as well as Sneakertopia customers within the space.

72ppiArtboard 20 copy 5.jpg
72ppiArtboard 20 copy 4.jpg

Throughout the art exhibition, glass cases full of rare, fun, and artistic sneakers are featured in each section. The sneaker feature page catalogues all the sneakers that will be on display in the cases.

72ppiArtboard 20 copy 3.jpg

Designer & Author: Joshua Lee
Guideline Copywriter: Edward Nieh, Shama Palangdosan
Industrial Designer: Christie Wong


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