Sneakertopia (Part One)

Photo by Sneakertopia

Photo by Sneakertopia

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What started as a necessity has grown and expanded into a culture of art and music, while becoming staple elements in fashion. Sneaker culture has become a diverse representation of style and has become a symbol that transcends generations of time.

Sneakertopia is a dedicated cultural museum that connects sneaker culture with both a physical space and an augmented reality. Their space creates interactive experiences for anyone in search of creativity and community. Inspired and influenced by sneaker culture; the exhibition combines sneakers, streetwear, art, music, and more into an unforgettable experience.

The Brief

Companies from around the world have reached out to Sneakertopia in hopes for the exhibition to globally expand. Sneakertopia asked us to create a clear brand identity as well as a detailed brand guideline that would be sent to global partners. It was important that their brand message, aesthetic, and layout would be translated well in other cities, and countries. We created a bold, modern, and classy brand identity that reflects their brand vision through neutral colours, custom iconography, and photography.

Website design mockup
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Sneakertopia Colour Palette

Black and white were chosen as the primary colours due to their high contrast, boldness, and clarity that creates designs that are classy and stand out. They pair well with the neutral grey tones of the secondary colours. Neutral colour palettes are strong by themselves or help create a strong base that highlights other elements within the design. The tertiary colours are reserved for rare occasions, or for their secondary brand Frugal.

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Photography and Textures

The photographs used throughout the brand guidelines are photos of the community and audience enjoying their time at the exhibition. They showcase a diverse community of people of all gender, colour, and age.

The textures chosen for the brand identity revolve around the primary and secondary colour palettes; achromatic photography. They look classy and timeless, and the textures are more prominently noticed through black and white photography. The textures are used to highlight other colour photographs or the Sneakertopia logo as a background.

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Traditional Tagline

Brand Guidelines

The Brand Guidelines helps organize and solidify the brand identity through pages of logo guidelines, color palette, typography, photography, and more. Each page meticulously explains the process and informs the reader of the steps to using elements of the brand identity.

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Designer & Author: Joshua Lee
Guideline Copywriter: Edward Nieh, Shama Palangdosan


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