Juci Botanicals Brand Identity Case Study

Juci Botanicals Brand Identity Case Study

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Logo Design 
Brand Identity
Brand Bible and Guidelines


The rise of skincare has taken the market by storm, stating the importance of taking care of your skin, which has shown to reflect your current state of health. Getting into the practice of preserving or improving your skin can have positive effects to your mental health and physical-self. It’s important for individuals to take time to destress, relax, and enjoy the moment.

Juci Botanicals is a skincare brand that vocalizes the importance of taking care of your skin and the environment. They have formulated and designed products that can do both. They have created highly effective, luxurious skincare products that are safe for everyone to use, while also remaining eco-friendly and sustainable.

The Brief

Juci Botanicals asked us to create a brand identity that reflects their brand values, as well as a brand guideline and communication strategy. The design had to reflect their beliefs in botanical skincare and sustainability, while appearing high-quality and dedicated. We took a natural, minimal, and modern approach to their new logo, which is supported with photography, custom iconography, and packaging design in similar styles.

Website design mockup

Logo Design

The logo was inspired by nature, and took a clean and modern approach. With small attention to details such as the tittle of the I (the dot over an I), designed as a drop as an homage to the brand name but also can be interpretted as a water drop, petal, or leaf, which can be all be found in nature. The curves of the wordmark and lettermark create a friendly and natural brand identity.

Traditional Tagline

Juci Botanicals Colour Palette

Following the theme of nature and botanicals, the colour palette was also inspired and chosen through elements of nature. They are all colours that can be found in nature. The neutral tones are the primary colours and help create an earthy and airy design, while the colour tones are used sparingly as pops of colour and highlights.

Natural colours for a brand inspired by nature.


Packaging Design

The packaging we designed mainly use the neutral tones, with elements such as photography or colour tones to add additional support to the design.


Brand Guidelines

The Brand Guidelines helps organize and solidify the brand identity through pages of logo guidelines, colour palette, typography, photography, and more. The guideline is also an extension of the brand identity and was designed with the tone and brand values in mind.


Brand Communication Strategy

A little different from the brand guidelines, the brand communication strategy are guidelines and principles on written content for the brand. The tone of voice, the choice of words, and attitude are all covered in the communication strategy. It helps reinforce the voice of the brand identity when speaking to your audience.


Logo Designer: Niamh Ni Bhroin
Guideline Designer & Author: Joshua Lee
Guideline Copywriter: Edward Nieh




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