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Some may say we are currently in the middle of a Digital Revolution with large influxes of new technologies and systems. Keeping up to date with the latest news is a headache let alone trying to evolve and stay ahead. However, in order to stand out among the competition, it’s necessary to implement new marketing strategies and navigate through this Digital Revolution.

Keoch is an effective digital marketing agency that helps clients find solutions in a plethora of different mediums and aspects of digital marketing. They range from digital engineering to website design and development. They carefully take into consideration all your achievements and basic needs and create a comprehensive understanding of your unique business and goals. They work alongside clients to create an optimal strategy for growth and seamless implementation.

The Brief

Keoch has reached out to us to help create a brand identity and social media guideline for their current brand. Keoch is a brand involved in a digital and technological world, however, they wanted their brand identity to display the opposite. We aimed to create a friendly, fun, and interactive brand identity that is user-friendly and revolves around human interaction. We created an engaging, friendly, and compassionate brand identity that encompasses their brand values through illustrations, design elements, and extended colour palette.

Website design mockup
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Keoch Colour Palette

Keoch’s brand started with a bright and saturated yellow, a colour that is already associated with happiness and friendliness. We had to find complementary colours that could support and enhance the experience. Seafoam Green and Coral Pink are two colours that work well paired with Yolk Yellow, creating a fun and engaging palette, while Deep Green helps balance out and contrasts the bright tones. Yolk Yellow should be the main character so we also paired a few neutral tones to spotlight the yellow throughout the brand and designs.

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Keoch Design Elements

A part of their brand identity and a fun and engaging way to create fun and interesting layout designs involves their design elements. The design elements all stem from their logo. The oval shapes are from the top of the logo, the dots are from the eyes, and the irregular shapes (blobs) are derived from the nose shape. The shape, size, and scaling can all be altered to fit the aesthetic needs. Just have fun and create interesting layouts and designs.

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Social Media Guidelines

We took extra time to create a social media guideline for their brand identity, mainly for Instagram. The guideline begins with sizing, grids and margins for Instagram posts and stories. We included step by step diagrams of how to build a post for text-based or illustration-focused designs using a grid system. The social media guideline is just a base template of what their social media account can look like, and is flexible in the content and design.

Traditional Tagline

Brand Guidelines

The Brand Guidelines helps organize and solidify the brand identity through pages of logo guidelines, colour palette, typography, illustrations, and more. Each page meticulously explains the process and informs the reader of the steps to using elements of the brand identity. The brand elements have also been used throughout the brand guideline to exemplify its use as well as its effectiveness in creating engaging and fun layouts and designs.

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Designer & Author: Joshua Lee
Guideline Copywriter: Edward Nieh




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