Pianu (Part One)

Juci Botanicals Brand Identity Case Study

What We Did
Brand Positioning
Logo Design 
Brand Identity
Brand Bible and Guidelines


Piano lessons, singing lessons, violin lessons, there are all sorts of different musical lessons available for an individual to strive for. Technology has also created realities that allow for lessons to be available in a virtual space, rather than a physical one. However, with a limited attention span and invisible goal, regardless of your virtual or physical space, it can become grueling, repetitive, and boring.

Pianu was created to be an app that encompasses a multitude of different approaches to piano lessons. Pianu is an educational music App that uses a gamification strategy and design to teach customers how to play and love the piano. Level ups, challenges, goals, and badges are just some of the opportunities the audience has in earning during their lessons that are fun and educational!

The Brief

Pianu asked us to create a logo as well as an accompanying brand identity, and a market strategy that will help their brand grow and reach a larger audience. They wanted their brand identity to reflect their brand values, and needed to appear fun, approachable, and engaging. We created an engaging and friendly brand design through visually appealing colours, friendly and welcoming characters, and design elements.

Website design mockup

Logo Design

The logo consists of a brandmark and a wordmark, designed to be used separately or together to create a welcoming and fun brand identity. The brandmark is designed to appear as piano keys as well as a hand to represent the audience’s hands playing and learning piano. Following the hand concept, the wordmark is created with a hand written type, to appear friendly, engaging and personal. The soft edges on the brandmark and wordmark reinforce the appearance of a friendly and welcoming brand.

Traditional Tagline

Pianu Colour Palette

Using traditional colours of a piano, black and white, we paired the two neutral colours with a vibrant and exciting purple-blue colour gradient. The gradient works well on a dark or light background, creating a bright contrast and creates movement for the eyes to follow. The secondary colours chosen are also bright and vibrant that can be used to add highlights and emphasis.



As part of the brand identity, we created characters to be used throughout the brand, on their website and apps. The maestro character, named Pia, is a fictional character and mascot for Pianu. Pia encourages and teaches the students, and students are also able to purchase different outfits for him to wear through earned coins.


Brand Guidelines

The Brand Guidelines helps organize and solidify the brand identity through pages of logo guidelines, colour palette, typography, photography, and more. The guideline is also an extension of the brand identity and was designed with the tone and brand values in mind.


Pianu (Part Two)