Traditional Cannabis Brand Identity

What We Did
Brand Positioning 
Brand Identity
Brand Bible and Guidelines

Over the past few years the Cannabis industry has exploded in size, and as a slew of new players have entered the market it has become more and more important to show up not just uniquely, but in a way that builds trust and authority. 

Traditional is a cannabis company that provides the cleanest and most innovative cannabis products, with exclusive strains hand-grown in LA. By offering the purest cannabis flowers on the market, Traditional has a product that stands out, and needed a brand identity to match.

The Brief

To help Traditional bring clarity to their brand message we developed a brand identity, brand purpose, bible and guidelines. We created custom iconography and provided visual direction for photography, social, and web. The Branded has helped scale their quality-driven and passionate brand to new heights.

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“The Branded Agency was great. I would highly recommend them for any work you have to be done"

- Jonathan
Director of Marketing, Traditional

Website design mockup

Not your ‘traditional’ cannabis company

Traditional had a clear vision for their product and needed clarity when it came to how to connect to their young, cool, and savvy clientele. Standing on the four pillars of ‘quality’, ‘trust’, ‘passion’, and ‘inclusivity,’ we designed Traditional to be a fun, bold, and authentic brand that would give just a hint of exclusivity while remaining accessible and trusted by those in its tribe.

Traditional Tagline
traditional-visual-the branded
traditional-the branded 4.png

Traditional Color Hierarchy

Their color hierarchy is bold and electric with neutral backgrounds. The black and white shades are used as backgrounds, but the tones of purple and blue are the focus with highlights of bright magenta and cyan.

Used throughout their online platform, Traditional makes a statement with their brand colors.

Untitled design (8).png


Brand Pillars

traditional-the branded 5.png
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Traditional Textures

traditional-the branded 10.png

Winners and Whiners