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Sports have always been far more than just a game. The shared love and passion for sports bring the community together whether at a large stadium cheering excitedly with strangers or in your living room celebrating with your friends and family.

Winners and Whiners is a premier source for precise analysis, and predictions for every game in major sports in America. They have translated the passion and excitement of online sports analysis and provide high quality content that is backed with statistics, research, trends, and insight.

The Brief

Winners and Whiners sought to redesign their logo that will demonstrate a clear brand identity and display their mission and vision. It was important that their brand message reflected what they greatly value – precision, professionalism, and passion. We took a clean, minimal, and modern approach through not only a new logo but also photography, custom iconography and website design, to revamp their brand.

Website design mockup

Logo Design

The logo was designed to be simple and minimalistic by stacking two Ws together that also resembles a crown. Clean-cut lines and angles were used to symbolize preciseness and professionalism. Attention to details, including the aligned slant of the Ws and the boxed “AND” in the wordmark, solidify the brand identity while the italicized letters create a sense of balance and movement.


Modern, Clean, and Minimal

We created many different versions of logos for Winners and Whiners to choose from. Some of them used similar elements as their previous logo, while others were more abstract. They chose the stacked W design because of its modern, clean, and minimal design that works well in a myriad of applications, especially on photography.

Traditional Tagline

Winners and Whiners Colour Palette

The neutral tones were created to help bring clarity into their design, and help highlight the colour tones of the palette. The colour palette did not change drastically, we have included their previous teal colour, however we chose a deeper, richer green colour that would represent a more professional sports identity.

It’s the green on the soccer field, the green of the baseball diamond, and the green of the lights that make you go forward.


Website Design

We gave some examples of website designs that would be more engaging and visually appealing to their community through custom iconography and photography.


Brand Guidelines

The Brand Guidelines helps organize and solidify the brand identity through pages of logo guidelines, color palette, typography, website design, photography, and more. Each page meticulously explains the process and informs the reader of the steps to using elements of the brand identity.


Designer & Author: Joshua Lee
Guideline Copywriter: Edward Nieh


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